Friday, November 25, 2016

Paragraph on My Roots in the world's situation

Eid is the main religious festival of the Muslims in Bangladesh. Eid means happiness. Everybody wants to share this happiness with their near and dear ones. So most of the people, who are living outside their homes for different reasons have a strong desire to get back home during the Eid vacations. As a result, there is a mad rush in the buses, train, or launches for the home-bound people. This often causes transport accidents that take away many lives. However, it cannot stop people's desire to meet their family, in-laws, or friends. What makes people rush for their homes in spite of serious hazards? This is the pull of the roots. Do human beings have roots like the trees? 

The answer is 'Yes' but unlike the roots of the trees they are invisible, they lie in our minds. It's these roots that make a bond between us and family members, in-laws, friends, neighbors or ever between us and the land where we were born and grew up. In that sense our families, land of birth, relatives, our culture, tradition, or surrounding are roots. And wherever we stay, we stay, we have a continuous pull of our roots. It's our roots that develop our identity making us what we are. When we lose that bond, we become rootless. Human beings who do not have any roots or connections are non-entity. In other words, they do not have their own identity. Such persons are devoid of values, humanity, and social responsibilities. They don't know where they are from, and /or where they are heading towards. This often makes them feel empty and lost.
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