Green house effect and global warming

   On Tuesday, November 8, 2016

In the modern age of global warming everybody is talking about weather and climate change. But nobody is thinking about solving it. According to the research it has been found that average earth temperature has been raised by 2.0 degree Celsius in every decade. Temperature and global warming, both are effective each other. Global warming has become an imminent threat to the existence of life on the earth.  Many green house gases absorb high amount of solar energy and heat on daily basis as well as warming the earth surface. Earlier, most of absorbed heat was radiated back to the space by the earth.

Nowadays, once heat and energy absorbed on the earth by the green house gases do not go back to the space and remains on the earth. The availability of high level of heat on the earth causes many negative effects and disturbs the ecology balance. All the absorbed heat gets re-emitted to the earth’s surface and heat up the whole earth’s surface by increasing the temperature, it is known as green house effect.

Increasing temperature causes both carbon dioxide and water vapor to get combined which impacts the global climate.

Global warming and greenhouse effect is the major environmental issues catching the attention of everyone. Greenhouse effect has become very serious because of some human activities. Greenhouse effect cause by the green house gases has to do a lot with the global warming. Green house gases are human released gases through many activities life deforestation, industrialization, use of electricity in every area of work. There are some natural sources of releasing greenhouse gases however they are in balance. Greenhouse effect is continuously altering the temperature of earth’s surface.

It is found that only through the greenhouse effect the earth’s surface temperature may increase by 6 degree by the year 2100. Global warming is affecting the whole ecological balance, sea level, corals reefs, marine life, plants, human beings, etc.