My Childhood Memories

   On Thursday, May 14, 2015


A thing of beauty is joy ever. I had been once a child. My childhood days were beautiful. It is really sweet to remember the days of my childhood. Now, I am a grown-up man. All my days aren't equally happy. So, I remember my golden childhood to feel happy again.

Childhood memories:

I was the youngest son of my parents. So,  all the members of family loved me very much. They gave me everything. They took a great care of me. They brought for me nice toys. My grandmother was very fond of me. She told me many beautiful stories. I went to the village market with my father. I passed a happy time there. My father bought me sweetmeats. But those happy days are now gone.

I was five years old. Then my birthday ceremony was held. I was very happy on that day. Many relative came to our house. They took me to their laps and kissed me. They called me 'Readoy Kumar Das'. They brought for me many nice things and toys.

I grew six years old. A Maulabi Shaheb taught Arabic at home. Then I went to a primary school with my father. My teachers were very kind to me. The classmates also loved me. They welcomed me with love and interest. I took my first lesson. That was indeed a new experience for me. I am now far from my classmates but I shall never forget them.

I grew then years old. I saw an important event. It was my sister's marriage ceremony. Our house was escorted very well. Many guests were invited. They came to our house. I remember that we all bathed in small river.

The summer days gave me great pleasure. This season bring with it many juicy fruits. We plucked these fruits and ate them. We ran beside the corn-fields. The whole day we roamed about the village. The village market was another palace of great interest for me.  I would GO there with my father. Sometimes alone, I used to pass a happy time there.


How happy i was in my childhood days! The golden childhood days peep into my mind. I feel that I was really happy in my childhood. I wish I could have me happy childhood days again.