The Village Fair I have Recently Enjoyed/Visited

   On Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Introduction :

A village fair is a partisan parcel of our culture. In fact, a village fair or A Village Market bears an age-old tradition in the culture of Bangladesh. No other festival in rural Bangladesh is an flamboyant as A Village Fair. Usually it is held on the first day of Bengali new year known as Pahela Boishakh.

 My Participation:

I had a great desire to visit a village fair. At last my desire had come true when I went to visit my grandfather and grandmother living at Laksmipur in the district of Madaripur. On that day I got up early and went to the fair with my cousins. It was held in the local bazer of the village. Being there I was astonished seeing the festive mood among all the people irrespective of age, sex, race and religion.

Arrangement :

It was an arrangement of selling and buying, gambling, jugglery and cultural functions. The stalls of the fair were decorated and arrange according to the articles.  Shopkeepers, artists and artisans set up their stalls with goods such as toys, sweet-meats, cosmetics, handicraft, tapestries, bamboo-made goods and many other attractive items. Merry-go-round, puppet show, magic show and circus were special attractions of the fair. A circus party brought tiger, elephants, monkeys and bears entertaining the viewers.

Amusements :

Children and teenaged boys and girls were highly amused. They enjoyed the fair to a great extent. They bought fancy goods bangles, ribbons, bamboo flutes, balloons etc. They also bought sweetmeats and earth made dolls. They rode merry-go-round and enjoyed puppet show. I myself also enjoyed all these things to a great extent.

Conclusion :

The fair was very crowed and not so tidy. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the fair to a great intent.